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Cato by Kittyhawk58 Cato by Kittyhawk58
Okay. Since I got like 3 favorites, and several comments, I\'ve decided to post my Cato drawing. I absolutely adore this, even though every time I look at it I can see so many glaring flaws. However, when I look at it, I can also see Cato - and not just some random unconnected person who doesn't look a thing like the original drawing. I feel like that's a huge step for me, and my skills are really starting to improve.

I used a random source from the internet that had the Cato poster from the Hunger Games. Cato is played by Alexander Ludwig, one of the best looking guys out there. (Sadly, the young Leonardo DiCaprio beats him. And everyone else.)

This was a speed drawing I guess, I timed myself, and only used an eraserless white charcoal pencil.

My digital painting has also taken a huge step forward, and if I get...let's say, 2 favorites, and at least 1 comment, I'll post a digital painting I did of an eye.

White Charcoal on Black Paper
No eraser used
10 minutes to complete
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June 1, 2012
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